New York City welcomes millions of visitors with pride and, at least, figuratively, open heart and mind. We know just how spectacularly special our city is, and we know visitors will always want to return.

Manhattan is the city’s cultural and business heart, but each of the other four boroughs–The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island–has treasures to boast of Our rich history was formed by the Dutch and the British in the 16th-18th centuries. With the birth of the United States, New York was briefly the capital, the major seaport and trading center as the new nation grew. This flourishing has never ceased, and this 21st century brings new expansion and marvel. Each century was influenced by new group arrivals, bringing every skill that has created this iconic city…and this continues today.

Manhattan’s wonders are easily explored with the street grid covering most of the island–just know Fifth Avenue separates east and west. Start early, end late–you will still have so much to experience. There is a hotel and restaurant for every budget. Free events and entertainment are always happening. With Manhattan’s street grid, NYC may be the easiest city to walk. New Yorkers will help visitors even without their asking. There are no real in-between times!