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As March moves on, from late winter to early spring, so grows the courage and hope of humankind–New Yorkers included.  Yes, there are those unwelcome frigid, windy whirlwind dates, but Hope SPRINGS Eternal!  Before you know it, we complain about how warm it is!  We really are, just human.

Addressing our visitors to New York City coming from everywhere USA, and the wonderful visitors from everywhere else, 2017 may prove “different.”  We read and hear of those who may cancel their plans, as our political scene has so greatly changed. Visit USA or Visit NYC–hmmm, should we?  It has always been, “Let’s Do It!”  If you are one of those special travelers who dreams of spending time with us–“Let’s Do It!” You may even find some amazing airfares, certainly, pretty interesting hotel rates. Broadway and Off-Broadway await with some of the best offerings.  All that makes The Big Apple THE Big Apple–nothing has changed!  Well, you may just see some history-in-the-making as you walk up 5th Avenue…hmm. Somewhere during these March — May spring days is THE perfect time for you to visit with us.


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The TriBeCa Film Festival has become a major spring event, now with films showing as far north as the Upper West Side.    

The New York Botanical Garden boasts two major spring events this year: 

The Orchid Show–Thailand  and Dale Chihuly’s return to the Garden

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The Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s cherry blossoms are known the world over, their bloom time varying from one year to another  The Sakura Matsuri Festival weekend this year will be April 29-30

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(Don’t forget the stunning cherry blossoms display in Riverside Park and its own Sakura Festival; Randall’s Island; parks in Queens  (Check local events pages for exact dates)

Our famous (some say, infamous) street fairs start the season in April–nice (bargains) shopping, street foods from everywhere, entertainment–kinda nice way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Bryant Park always has festivals and games…and wonderful entertainment, right in Midtown. 

Don’t forget Brooklyn–always so much happening

Here are the Broadway shows to consider for your spring visit. Also check for in-depth results. And Madison Square Garden

The Javits!  Our expo center may have an expo or meeting just perfect for you!


TATTOOED NEW YORK: the New York Historic Society–right now and until April 30.

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Museums around the city never fail to inspire, please, entertain.

Museum of the Moving Image has several very interesting exhibits ongoing: Martin Scorsese until late April is one.  Soon: The permanent Jim Henson exhibit will open.

ALL museums are worth checking–and any season!  This is just a start.

The New York Explorer Pass may be a good idea for experiencing several of the highlights noted herein. Or…wing it!

Hoping this edition opens some ideas, and enjoy every event that fits into your Visit NYC plan.


Just a few hints here for the sample sales, since the dates and choices are copious! There are always–always–sales!  With no sales tax on clothing under $100, to shop is to add that element of your visit that truly returns home with you. The best selections at sample sales are gone very quickly, but there are always hidden treasures.


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